The Making of the Newer Normal Holiday Special


A Letter from Kai Hubris

Hello Citizen Scientist,

In the world of atoms and algorithms, there is no such thing as a holiday. Science, as well as technology, never take a day off. And neither does New Media.

That’s why I’d like to tell you about a very special broadcast that we’re calling The Making of the Newer Normal Holiday Special.

We here at EurekaCast NOW!, along with a team of dedicated and experienced documentarians from New Media Labs, have spent months preparing this broadcast just for you, and I am extremely excited about it, because this broadcast will correspond with the release of Safer Santa. For those that don’t know Safer Santa is an extremely powerful digital tool that you will be able to get on any device and promises to usher in the next evolution of the classic "holiday special". And it will be released and downloaded directly on your guy5 enabled device right after the airing of the broadcast.

Tune in to hear how two young, innovative tech entrepreneurs are disrupting the holiday special landscape as we know it, and their journey to this monumental achievement.

It will be fascinating, it will be informative, and it will be airing live on Lumpen Radio, Thursday, December 24th, and rebroadcast on WIIT, Monday, December 28th from 8-9pm CST.

Inspire curiosity: imagine science,
Kai Hubris