explores the great achievements, the scientific breakthroughs, the technological innovations, and the important, regime shattering discoveries that are shaping the world around us. ECN! invites and inspires its listeners to connect with and understand the Big Concepts, and ask the Big Questions. From AI to pH, from celestial law to citizen science, ECN! investigates and celebrates the eureka moments in all areas of research and development.

ECN! is presented by Tech Brothers New Media Labs in Chicago, IL with generous support from the Simon Amy Institute of Spirit Science. Episodes are wave-loaded on all major streaming platforms thanks to inverse encryption protocols made possible by AWCY? FM carrier ports all around the greater Chicagoland area. Scan your local guy5 Network brick-servers for new episodes every Wednesday.

ECN! is rebroadcast live on Saturdays from 20:00 - 21:00 CST on WLPN-LP 105.5 FM Lumpen Radio, and Mondays from 20:00 - 21:00 CST on WIIT 88.9FM Chicago.

meet the hosts

Kai Hubris

Kai Hubris is the Lead Disruption Developer at Tech Brothers New Media Labs in Chicago, IL. When he's not hosting EurekaCast NOW! or analysing enhanced media simulations using the Dude programming package, you can find Kai developing important, data-disruption technologies for the Chicago Body Project.

Rowan Meadowlark

Rowan Meadowlark is an associate professor at the Simon Amy Institute of Spirit Science Next-to-the-Yards campus and holds a PhD in Lightwork from the SAIoSS. A keen believer in universal love consciousness, he joined EurekaCast NOW! to prove that anyone can make the world a more enlightened place. When not in the lab, he's an editor for Simon Amy's Solutions for Wellness newsletter and a sommelier in training.

meet the organizations

Tech Brothers Labs is a technology-oriented research, development, and consulting team of inter-connected laboratories located in the Server Nook neighborhood of Chicago, IL. What began as a local start-up developing tech and systems “by guys, for guys” has quickly evolved into a mainstay of the Chicago tech scene, providing hundreds of innovative tools and services from personal electronics to government AI for everyone.

The Simon Amy Institute of Spirit Science is a university with world renowned graduate programs in fields such as Aurifics, Lightworking, Energy Studies, and Resonance Engineering. Throughout their several dozen satellite campuses and learning chambers students and teachers alike break the boundaries of empiricism and delve into the mysteries of the subnormal, the paranatural, and all things conventional science has wrongfully dismissed.